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Granite City Adult Hockey League


Season Cost is $4200.00 per team.

Payment Schedule:

$1500.0.00 due by October 20, 2019 ( Payment #1 )

$ 1350.00 due by December 1, 2019 (Payment #2)

$1350.00 due by January 19, 2020 ( Final payment #3)

$4200.00 total team fees must be paid by January 19, 2020

If due diligence for payment is not made by the above dates, teams will forfeit their next games until payment is made.

Inclement weather policy: If the Ice Vault is open, games will be played. Notification of cancellation will be posted on the website and social media pages. If the team is not coming, please notify the Ice Vault by noon of that day.


Captain's Responsiblities

  • All players are registered to play with USA Hockey and League website
  • Fill out game sheets prior to going to locker rooms. Fill in jersey numbers, cross out those not playing. Game sheets are in the blue and green folder on the skate room door.
  • Please make payments prior to your game.
  • Team compliance with all USA Hockey, League and Ice Vault Rules.


  • All players MUST be registered online through the Maine Ice Vault website (GCAHL) o and MUST be registered with USA Hockey.
  • All players must be at least 18 years of age.
  • In order to be eligible to play in playoff games, players must have played in a minimum of 8 games. No player may be added to any roster after February 1, 2020.
  • Use of an ineligible player will result in the following:
    • Forfeiture of games played
    • 1 game suspension of Team Captain
    • 1 game suspension of player once the player is deemed eligible
  • Any deliberate deception will also result in the forfeiture and cancellation of the teams next game
  • The League Director reserves the right to review any penalties and issue supplementary discipline to players deemed guilty of any actions deemed dangerous, or detrimental to the game and/or league.
  • No Beer / Alcohol or Tobacco products  will be allowed on the benches. Alcohol and / or tobacco on the bench will result in the game ending and a $250.00 team fine. Game official are aware of this rule and have the authority to warn players or end the game – NO questions asked.  
  • Uniforms:
    • Each player must have the same color jersey with a unique and permanent number on the back
    • Each players number must match the roster
    • Team captains are responsible for compliance



  • Games are worth 3 points
    • Winner receives 3 points
    • Shootout winner receives 2 points
    • Shootout loser receives 1 point

Score and standings will be posted at

Scoresheets for each game must be returned to the GCAHL Folder at the desk at the end of each game. It is the resposibility of team captains to ensure scores are reported and game sheets are turned in.


USA Hockey playing rules will be utilized for all games, with the following exceptions:

  1. Games will consist of two 14-minute periods of running time and one 14 minute (3rd) period stop time, with a 5-minute warm-up prior to the game.
  2. Both pucks and players must stay off the ice until the Zamboni is done and the doors are closed. No exceptions!
  3. Fighting will result in a two-game suspension per player (I will review all fights or major penalties via Livebarn) and a $50.00 fine. Fine(s) must be paid prior to playing after the suspension. If a player is involved in more than one fight or returning from their fighting suspension, they are suspended for the season with no refund.
  4. If a player receives 4 penalties in one game, they will be issued a game misconduct penalty and immediately removed from the remainder of that game.
  5. A Match penalty for attempt to injure will result in:
    • 5 minute major penalty
    • Ejection from the game
    • 3 game suspension
    • $100.00 fine
  6. Verbal Abuse / Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

Verbal abuse by a player of an on-ice official, off-ice official, league official, or Ice Vault staff will not be tolerated. A game misconduct for verbal abuse will result in:

  • Ejection from the game
  • 1 game suspension
  • $50.00 fine

A second misconduct for this offense will result in expulsion from the league